Terms of Service

These terms of service establish the terms and conditions governing the use of the Ake.net website located at https://ake.net/. Please carefully review these terms before clicking "Agree and Continue", as this agreement is legally binding upon acceptance.

  1. Article 1: User Registration

    1. User registration involves logging into Ake.net, providing required information, and confirming agreement to this service.
    2. Ake.net users must be individuals with full legal capacity.
  2. Article 2: User Account, Password, and Security

    1. Upon successful registration, users become legal site users, with Ake.net responsible for username and password security.
    2. Payment for services is non-refundable after completion.
    3. Users are accountable for data integrity and confidentiality on the Ake.net platform, with losses due to negligence borne by the user.
    4. Users must comply with laws, and Ake.net is not responsible for legal compliance in service use.
  3. Article 3: User Obligations According to Law

    Users agree to adhere strictly to legal obligations, including:

    1. Prohibiting dissemination of content that undermines national interests, incites hatred, or violates ethnic unity.
    2. Prohibiting illegal activities, such as money laundering or stealing personal information.
    3. Not interfering with site operations or national computer systems.
    4. Prohibiting dissemination of illegal or harmful information.
    5. Not transmitting information damaging to national interests or security.
    6. Not instigating prohibited activities.
    7. Not using the site for profit-making.
    8. Avoiding infringement of intellectual property rights.

    Users are responsible for compliance with site management rules, as well as periodic updates.

  4. Article 4: Agreement Renewal and User Care Obligations

    The mall can modify this agreement based on legal changes. Users must regularly check for updates. Failure to accept updated terms requires cessation of services. Invalid clauses do not affect the overall validity of the agreement.

  5. Article 5: Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

    In case of conflict with laws, affected clauses are reinterpreted; other clauses remain valid. Disputes are subject to negotiation, with legal action taken in Ake.net's jurisdiction.

Contact Information

Company: MEDIA 4 U LTD


Contact: [email protected]

These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of ITALY.